08 March 2017

Women: Though Important but still Ignored in Corporate

9:58:00 PM Posted by Kamal Paneru No comments

What? Are you female? No, no, no, we are seeking male candidate for this position. This has been a common reply female interviewee hear from employers who happily post their requirements of candidates on different job portals. On one side, we say that yes men and women are equal but on the other, we deeply deny to implement. This equality is only in words not in action. Deepa is of 25 and B.Tech graduate. She works in a multinational company as software engineer. With over three years of experience, she earns 5 lac per annum, while her male colleagues who are having less experience earn more than that. She is never late in project delivery and is quite serious to her work. From preparing PPTs to handle calls from clients are also involved in his work. Though she does not like the payroll of company but she has to be satisfied because she knows the culture of corporate. Plenty of companies are there who proudly say that they employee women but the fact they hide is differentiation between payroll for a female candidate and male candidate.

In the flair of growth, every organisation assigns loads of work to each and every employee without gender discrimination. No matter what the problem is, one would have to meet delivery schedule otherwise it would be of one’s termination. 

On 8th March, plenty of companies celebrated it as Women’s day by cheering womanhood of their employees, appreciating their work, organising entertaining activities and other thing. But what about rest of the days? Are they not important anymore? Don’t they meet their targets? If yes then why they are not promoted in terms of designation? Why every organisation follows male dominancy in leadership team? It definitely make a woman feel separated or discriminated.

Though organisations have rules to avoid sexual harassment but what harassment is in the eye of beholder? A woman has sixth sense, she can know who is watching him and when she is being watched and most specially in which way. But an organisation has no rule for this when male hungry of lust watch her so-called unintentionally watch it and measure her body head to toe. She leaving her home comes at organisation but what else she gets after salary there? Indirect comments on her, gender discrimination, inequality in salary and promotion and more than that scratches to the heart given by those eyes and rough treatment by management.

Let’s come, measure each employee on equal parameters. Let’s give women what they deserve more than a normal salary. Let’s make them feel home at office. Let’s respect them.

Team MistryIndia is committed to provide equal opportunity to both male and female employees without discrimination. Let's find one more Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, and Indra Nooyi. Let’s come and join us, here you would definitely feel like home. Because we not only assign work to employees but promotion and joy too.