04 May 2015

Net Neutrality and Startup & SMEs

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On one side net neutrality has left people sleepless while at other side, people are still not known what net neutrality really is. Social networking and many other informative sites are filled with the news and act about net neutrality. Net neutrality is the concept which proposes a neutral broadband network irrespective of content, sites or platforms and modes of communication offered. It simply means the web traffic of all sites is equal and every site is visible to everyone without any extra charges and slowdown in speed.

Net neutrality word appears few days ago, when internet service provider companies hit the market by saying they are going in lose due to social networking sites like whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber. Till now, internet is best source to grow in the market by promotion on internet via SMO, SEO, social media without putting much charges and having fear of competitors. But since the term net neutrality has entered in the market, the future of the Startup & SMEs is seeking a ray of hope from the government. If net neutrality concept fails, it will be tough for the new companies and SMEs to have exposure in the internet. Many of major companies of different domains which are well established and well known to the customers will cover the entire internet place by paying huge amount of money to the telecom companies. These companies will play a role of giant and finish the small and growing companies of their respected domain. 

At present an internet user is free to access any of site either it is well established company or the company with is naïve in the market. Users are not barred to access anything in the internet. But telecom sector is to tie up with the companies to let their users have access on their webpage. Small companies put major amount of their money in production while big companies invest their money in promotion. So it will be really unbearable for SMEs and startup companies to compete in the market until the well established companies will not stop to promote themselves with the hands of telecom service provider. In India, there are more than 5 millions small sized and growing Indian based firms who hold the major part of Indian economy.

Foreigner companies are ready to beat the Indian firm by putting their large amount of money in the promotion on internet to completely remove their competitors who are Indian originated.

India is a developing country. All small firms and startup companies are main source of income for the millions of families. If government gives their decision in favor of telecom sector, these companies will be vanished and surely it would lead unemployment in the market.

So to let SMEs & startup companies grow and reduce the unemployment, net neutrality must come in the market. It will be beneficial to Indian economy as well as the future of Indian originated companies.

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