26 May 2015

Having Trouble with AC…???

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In the running world nothing is right when you are not happy with the working of your air conditioners. Doesn’t matter whatever your device is, it will spare out your mood and lead you up to the edge of frustration. Conflicts of the moods and recession in the happiness make you standing alone with anxiety.
Summer is at its peak and entire Delhi-NCR is burning with hot temperature being sprinkled by sun. If you are not having proper working AC, you would be burned either staying at home or working in your world class infrastructure holding office. Hot days do not let you to put your concentration towards the work. And if you are not giving your work in your presence, you are worthless. In the same way, if a company does not provide well maintained atmosphere covering the seat of employees, they won’t be able to work properly. And the result of the lack of concentration will be paid by the management and company’s economy. Every client of the company depends on the work of employee that how they treat them and put their efforts on the work.

We MistryIndia beat for your satisfaction and work hard to meet your demands. Skilled professionals of our team understand your needs in more specific and do not make you waste any penny time. Because we know how much clients are important for a business entity.

Giving chillness to the customers with our services we are always ready to take new challenges presented by the customers. Just a phone call and we are there, at your place. Proper replacement of the damaged one and shock proof repairing of AC is our specialty.

We value your feedback and make implementation to nurture ourselves better. If you are happy with our service, we offer AMC (annual maintenance contract) at minimal expenses. Because, we work for your satisfaction not for earning money. We do earn your faith and make stronger relationship. Always looking forward to hear from you, we are available 24x7.


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