04 February 2018

Cryptocurrency: Appreciated by All, But…

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Born in the year of 2009, Bitcoin is the father of the cryptocurrency revolution, which started with the sharp strategies of entrepreneur Satoshi Nakamoto. Just as some four centuries ago organization Dutch East India Company had introduced the concept of stock exchange with offering on Amsterdam Stock Exchange and gave a new thrust to market, in a similar way, Bitcoin became the biggest game player and market changer within few years of its inception. Now, there are only few who are aware of market but not Bitcoin. However, it is bitter truth that not all people who have invested in Bitcoin really know what does cryptocurrency mean, how it works, how it gives profit and loss, who are the people behind and who to approach when trapped.

A system that requires cryptography in order to exchange the medium is called cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin gave people a new way to invest in and somehow ensured them that there is high profit in it rather than stock market.
Following Bitcoin, there emerged number of new cryptocurrencies in market, that is, Litecoin, Namecoin, Bytecoin, Peercoin and Koinex. Year 2017 remained best for Bitcoin in order to have tremendous transactions. People all over the world showed their interest in it and gave it new heights of business. Whenever it went down, it led people to think about other cryptocurrencies. Struggling for their existence in the market and favourite list of users, other cryptocurrencies kept wandering in the thousands of articles and online advertisements. Cryptocurrency won the trust of users in 2017 when Bitcoin price reached up to 14 lac at the year end that was only one to two lac at year starting time.

People who think less before investment and want short-term growth considered Bitcoin a better platform to convert the value of their money up to nth time. Also, the news of Bollywood celebrity Amitabh Bachchan earing some crore rupees from Bitcoin also gave people assurance about their investment.

There is a saying “nothing is permanent,” this saying seemed perfect when downfall of Bitcoin started. It reached its peak and now was time to come back at normal. One Bitcoin that cost 14 lac soon came up to 10 lac. Another jerk to Indian people was when Arun Jeitley, minister of corporate affairs, on Budget 2018–2019 announced that cryptocurrency is not legal in India and people who are doing it will be solely responsible for their loss. Also, he instructs banks not to do any transaction for cryptocurrency and states people who are involved in it are doing criminal activity that is against Indian law.

Downfall in Bitcoin price led many people lose their savings and that resulted people skipping from cryptocurrency. Due to the volatility of Bitcoin, few more countries came forward and put a ban on cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is volatile because it is not governed by any government body in any country.
For example, SEBI looks after all the transaction over stock market in order to let people have fair transactions without any bluff, but there is no any platform where you can be sure that yes, your transaction is worth of it.

In order to keep people safe from financial losses, social media website Facebook is also coming forward and putting ban over running ads for cryptocurrency.

When many of the government bodies are more concerned about the welfare of people, people must think hundreds of times before investing in any cryptocurrency.

It is quite better to study stock market and then come into it rather than blindly going for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for trading.

08 March 2017

Women: Though Important but still Ignored in Corporate

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What? Are you female? No, no, no, we are seeking male candidate for this position. This has been a common reply female interviewee hear from employers who happily post their requirements of candidates on different job portals. On one side, we say that yes men and women are equal but on the other, we deeply deny to implement. This equality is only in words not in action. Deepa is of 25 and B.Tech graduate. She works in a multinational company as software engineer. With over three years of experience, she earns 5 lac per annum, while her male colleagues who are having less experience earn more than that. She is never late in project delivery and is quite serious to her work. From preparing PPTs to handle calls from clients are also involved in his work. Though she does not like the payroll of company but she has to be satisfied because she knows the culture of corporate. Plenty of companies are there who proudly say that they employee women but the fact they hide is differentiation between payroll for a female candidate and male candidate.

In the flair of growth, every organisation assigns loads of work to each and every employee without gender discrimination. No matter what the problem is, one would have to meet delivery schedule otherwise it would be of one’s termination. 

On 8th March, plenty of companies celebrated it as Women’s day by cheering womanhood of their employees, appreciating their work, organising entertaining activities and other thing. But what about rest of the days? Are they not important anymore? Don’t they meet their targets? If yes then why they are not promoted in terms of designation? Why every organisation follows male dominancy in leadership team? It definitely make a woman feel separated or discriminated.

Though organisations have rules to avoid sexual harassment but what harassment is in the eye of beholder? A woman has sixth sense, she can know who is watching him and when she is being watched and most specially in which way. But an organisation has no rule for this when male hungry of lust watch her so-called unintentionally watch it and measure her body head to toe. She leaving her home comes at organisation but what else she gets after salary there? Indirect comments on her, gender discrimination, inequality in salary and promotion and more than that scratches to the heart given by those eyes and rough treatment by management.

Let’s come, measure each employee on equal parameters. Let’s give women what they deserve more than a normal salary. Let’s make them feel home at office. Let’s respect them.

Team MistryIndia is committed to provide equal opportunity to both male and female employees without discrimination. Let's find one more Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, and Indra Nooyi. Let’s come and join us, here you would definitely feel like home. Because we not only assign work to employees but promotion and joy too.

03 August 2016

Web Designing: Too Easy with MistryIndia

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In this era of globalization, the thing which mainly hits the market is the visibility on Internet. Whether it is your work or hunt for something, everything comes at Internet and ends with. Thousands of websites and plenty of developers are available in the market for providing these data in better way and in distinguished manner. Then, why only few of websites become well-known to everyone and rests remain under the thumb?

Presentation of website is much important thing a website owner can have. It is the very first thing which tides reader to it for further clicks. Simple and dynamic websites are nowadays taking place in web portals. Many a times when you have much to say but it gets vanished due to lack of attractive look of your website. Visitors do not prefer to be on such websites even for a second. While at the same time, modifiers get the content from your website and by slightly modifying it post on their web portal. And that content gets popularity with thousands of likes without letting visitors know that the material is adopted from somewhere else. And it happens just because of visibility and look of any website.

Now the major thing comes is how to make your website eye-catchy which can hold visitors after and after, and then as regular customer.

MistryIndia Solutions Pvt Ltd with its experienced hands in web design provides this facility to its customers to have dynamic and appealing look of their website. Our team of professionals who are much creative and consistently work to bring something new in market to assist needs of users provides these services with complete facility of customization. We singly allot developer to individual client to know his or her needs in better way and work accordingly. Our experts do suggest clients what could be best for their website and meet the desire of users.

We are favoured by our earlier customers for our timely work completion. No matter how soon you want to own a website, its we who work for day-by-day and night-by-night to make your dream come true and let you breathe of relief. 

Now what are you waiting for? Let’s get connected with us putting your query at info@mistryindia.in or making a call on +91-7065544322.

09 June 2015

Interior Designing: The Breath of Decoration

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Do you really feel jealous when you go to your friend’s home and find it more beautiful than yours? It really happens, your home is heaven if you treat it well and hell if you ignore. It is the place where you implement you desire better. Interior designing is the thing which holds the actual beauty of your place. You work hard and earn a lot but it is all worthless if you do not make your place admirable. It gives you peace. Interior designing reflects your nature and makes a theme of your home.
Interior designing word refers to status of your living style. More better it is, more comfortable you are. MistryIndia has team of professionals who hold much experience of interior designing. Either it is your office or home; you would always get a mind peace if the decoration meets your mental satisfaction. We properly discuss the things and use world class paintings, wall hanging and many other decorative items of a series to tie real beauty with your house.

Optimizing the real strength and creativity of our professionals, we fulfill the demands of clients. Charming look and adorable appearance of your entire place give you complete satisfaction. Best color combination is used from curtain to racks, from sofa set to sculptures and from your desire to reality.
Covering complete Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad area, we are eager to fulfill your needs at your doorstep. We do not end until you’re not satisfied with us. And offer you multiple choice as per your place availability.

MistryIndia is creatiing new mile stones in its success path and helping you to meet with your desire in more convenient way. Besides this, trustworthy professionals of our team keep friendly behavior with the clients provide all time support.

- Kamal Paneru

26 May 2015

Having Trouble with AC…???

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In the running world nothing is right when you are not happy with the working of your air conditioners. Doesn’t matter whatever your device is, it will spare out your mood and lead you up to the edge of frustration. Conflicts of the moods and recession in the happiness make you standing alone with anxiety.
Summer is at its peak and entire Delhi-NCR is burning with hot temperature being sprinkled by sun. If you are not having proper working AC, you would be burned either staying at home or working in your world class infrastructure holding office. Hot days do not let you to put your concentration towards the work. And if you are not giving your work in your presence, you are worthless. In the same way, if a company does not provide well maintained atmosphere covering the seat of employees, they won’t be able to work properly. And the result of the lack of concentration will be paid by the management and company’s economy. Every client of the company depends on the work of employee that how they treat them and put their efforts on the work.

We MistryIndia beat for your satisfaction and work hard to meet your demands. Skilled professionals of our team understand your needs in more specific and do not make you waste any penny time. Because we know how much clients are important for a business entity.

Giving chillness to the customers with our services we are always ready to take new challenges presented by the customers. Just a phone call and we are there, at your place. Proper replacement of the damaged one and shock proof repairing of AC is our specialty.

We value your feedback and make implementation to nurture ourselves better. If you are happy with our service, we offer AMC (annual maintenance contract) at minimal expenses. Because, we work for your satisfaction not for earning money. We do earn your faith and make stronger relationship. Always looking forward to hear from you, we are available 24x7.

12 May 2015

How To Choose A Website Company For Designing A Website

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We MistryIndia Services Pvt Ltd are the leader of web designing companies. There are number of firms in Delhi which deal with this area. But customers are being looted by these companies and they do not get satisfaction even after investing so much time and money. Our team, with world class professionals and solid track record, is truly dedicated to our customers to develop any type of website in HTML, PHP, JAVA, .NET and other platforms, Blog creation and app development. Besides this we also provide the best SEO facility all over the India. While building your website, our team provides you a business strategy which gives pillar to your business what you deal about. Our developed site helps you to increase online sales, improve product or brand awareness, and be in touch with the need of your customer. It converts your site visitors into your regular customers. It also let you know the major path of your success graph. We do not end after finishing your work but we also keep a nice relationship with you to be ensured that your website is helping you reach your goals. We don’t matter money, we want satisfaction of our client. And till the customer is not satisfied with us, we work on it. So when SEO, web designing and satisfaction comes together, MistryIndia Services Pvt. Ltd. is only a name to trust upon. This is the result of our hard work and trust of our customers that since the first day of company our success graph and numbers of customers are increasing rapidly.

Kamal Paneru

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04 May 2015

Net Neutrality and Startup & SMEs

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On one side net neutrality has left people sleepless while at other side, people are still not known what net neutrality really is. Social networking and many other informative sites are filled with the news and act about net neutrality. Net neutrality is the concept which proposes a neutral broadband network irrespective of content, sites or platforms and modes of communication offered. It simply means the web traffic of all sites is equal and every site is visible to everyone without any extra charges and slowdown in speed.

Net neutrality word appears few days ago, when internet service provider companies hit the market by saying they are going in lose due to social networking sites like whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber. Till now, internet is best source to grow in the market by promotion on internet via SMO, SEO, social media without putting much charges and having fear of competitors. But since the term net neutrality has entered in the market, the future of the Startup & SMEs is seeking a ray of hope from the government. If net neutrality concept fails, it will be tough for the new companies and SMEs to have exposure in the internet. Many of major companies of different domains which are well established and well known to the customers will cover the entire internet place by paying huge amount of money to the telecom companies. These companies will play a role of giant and finish the small and growing companies of their respected domain. 

At present an internet user is free to access any of site either it is well established company or the company with is naïve in the market. Users are not barred to access anything in the internet. But telecom sector is to tie up with the companies to let their users have access on their webpage. Small companies put major amount of their money in production while big companies invest their money in promotion. So it will be really unbearable for SMEs and startup companies to compete in the market until the well established companies will not stop to promote themselves with the hands of telecom service provider. In India, there are more than 5 millions small sized and growing Indian based firms who hold the major part of Indian economy.

Foreigner companies are ready to beat the Indian firm by putting their large amount of money in the promotion on internet to completely remove their competitors who are Indian originated.

India is a developing country. All small firms and startup companies are main source of income for the millions of families. If government gives their decision in favor of telecom sector, these companies will be vanished and surely it would lead unemployment in the market.

So to let SMEs & startup companies grow and reduce the unemployment, net neutrality must come in the market. It will be beneficial to Indian economy as well as the future of Indian originated companies.

-© Kamal Paneru

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